PC-504&PC-202 L Type Full -Auto Sealer

Foods, cosmetics, printing materials, gift boxes,toys, electronic appliances, hardwards, daily nessaries…,etc.

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Item # PC-504 PC-202
PC-504 Features:
1.Auto safe load,without cut out missing.
2.Suitable for box product & on draft products and combine with auto line.
3.Adjust by manual operation, could easy adjust size.
4.Addition shrinkable film insulate unit, could removel static and speed well package.
5.With electtic eye, no commodity will be miscutted.

PC-202 Features:
1.Use infrared rasiation for heating.
2.Conveyor can transport large or small goods.
3.Motor speed and temperature can be adjust easily.
  • Power: Single Phase, 220V
  • Heater:1.5Kw
  • Sealing Size (LxWxH):500x450x100mm
  • Machine Size(LxWxH): 1640x920x1380mm

  • Power: Three,220V 
  • Heater:9Kw
  • Conveyor Speed:0~6m/min
  • Size of Shrink Tunnel(LxWxH):1000x500x200MM
  • Machine Size(LxWxH): 1570x780x1370mm