About Us

Pei Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd is founded since 1983; the main productions are various kinds of packaging machine. Pei Chuan are fully skilled and well experiences for over 30 years.

In addition, we provide fully after sales service to each and every customer. In order to improve our qualities, we’ve got European regulations CE and ISO quality assurance certification. Therefore, Pei Chuan establishes a good reputation in the industry and also wins the trust from our customers.

Our main market focus is in Taiwan for over 35 years. Recently, we have expanded our footage across various markets including United States, France, United Kingdom, Southeast Asia, etc. Pei Chuan have gained positive evaluation and identity from our respectable local and international customers.

Now, Pei Chuan are developing Western Europe markets vigorously and we believe in the future, we will be more active in the packaging machine industry.

Founders Narrative
PEI CHUAN MACHINERY CO. LTD was founded by 1983.
Chen Ming-You, the founder and the president of Pei Chuan Machinery, was born in 1959, in a quiet township of Nantou County. As a farming family, Mr. Chen helps to pick pineapple and harvest tea leaf after school hours, hoping to reduce the burden from the parents. This helps to bring up the practical characters of Mr. Chen.

Mr. Chen complete the studies in mechanical engineering at the National Dongshih Industrial High School in Taichung.
With the professions in mechanics, as well as the accumulation of manufacturing capabilities, Pei Chuan are steadily progressing in the packing industries towards forth ten-years.
Our mission is to serve the packing needs of the public. It is our greatest achievements seeing that our customers are growing sales or increase their value through packaging

Packaging industries can across various fields such as Industrial, Medical, Beauty, Agricultural, Electronics, etc.
We are delighted to see that vacuum packaging technology can extend the life cycles of the product, preventing any scrap due to oxidation. For us, this is how we cherish the resources from the earth.
Lastly, we want to thank to all our valued friends and families from worldwide for their continuous support to Pei Chuan. We also welcome new friends to recognize our values in Pei Chuan.
Thank you.