PC-615-1 Vacuum Packaging Machines

For packing rice or any whole grains.

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Item # PC-615-1
  • Our machine uses stainless steel structure for durability and easy to clean.
  • Ideal for application to rice or grain.
  • This machine includes vibrating and shaping functions for attractive appearance.
  • Automated lid design easy to operate by simply press a button.
  • Multi-functional for flat or tetragon packaging.
  • Transparent upper lid design provides clear visibility for packaging process.
  • Brakes are included for machine movements or positioning.
  • Power: Single Phase,220V
  • Sealing Length:650mm x 1
  • Pump Capacity:0.95kw~24m³/hr
  • Packing Ability: 2 times / per min
  • Machine Dimension:1020x650x850mm
  • Weight: 130kgs
  • Auto lid down and open system.
  • Packing Capacity:1-5kgs(It can do flatpackage&tetragon packing)